U motion was designed and practiced by global famous professionals, aiming to gather teenagers with sense of resposibility, initiative and creativity globally. U motion established a supportive platform that offers equal conversation, social topic discussion and social innovation activities.
U Motion endeavors to lead teenagers becoming servant leaders with design Thinking programs to be the one who are daring to innovate, willing to act. Design Thinking courses are developed based on GPS core elements(Thinki Global, Act with Passion, Serve for Change).
 We provide critical the 21st century skills and experiential learning process. Through our intentional programs and experienced program leaders, campers will have essential learning and gain innovation skills.
More than creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, we offer advanced life skills training.
U Motion brings together young people from diverse backgrounds with the aim of promoting international understanding and global competitiveness.
By sharing the beauty of different culture, campers from different nations and races could be brought together to learn from each other, and gain cross-cultural skills.
U Motion is designed for young people who will actively promote positive changes in the society. Our comprehensive and holistic approach broadens young people’s understanding of leadership and deepens their confidence to take on greater social responsibility.
Campers in U Motion live in a rich and engaging culture which offers them daily examples of learning and reflection to foster a powerful and diversified leader community.
U Motion links campers to a real Chinese village community and takes advantage of learning opportunities that arise in the community, combining design thinking and social service to help improve sustainability of the community.
Upon completion of the course, campers receive the IDEAS Fund certificate. 


Registration Information

Age: 14-17

Fee: 19300 RMB

Date: July 15-29(15 Days)

Language: English


UWC China

No. 88 Kun-Cheng-Hu-Xi Road, Changshu, Jiangsu, China, 215500




Contact Email

u-motion@ideas-camp.com(Weekdays Only)

Contact Number

010-67719772(Weekdays Only)